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KISS Dressed To Kill Tour July 5, 1975 Wildwood, New Jersey Box Office Concert Poster — 1 of the Shows Recorded for the KISS ALIVE Album — Aucoin Era


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KISS Dressed To Kill Tour Wildwood, NJ Box Office Concert Poster — Let’s get this out of the way right now, yes the poster is incomplete; the bottom 1/3 with the ticket purchasing info has been cut off — but we have a lot to discuss with this one so keep reading — Look very carefully, and if you google Kiss Wildwood NJ Poster all of them come up with the concert date of July 23 — This original version of the poster has the original date of July 5th on it — Kiss was scheduled to perform on July 5th but they cancelled in favor of playing the Florida Jam Festival in Tampa. If you google Did You Know KISS Once Performed In Wildwood the band gave the excuse they were in a car accident.


So back to the poster itself, this was the very poster that hung in the box office window at the Wildwood Convention Center; and the bottom 1/3 was purposely removed because it was unnecessary; you didn’t need to give customers info on where to purchase tickets and where the ticket outlets were around town when the customer was already standing at the venue box office window to make a purchase. Furthermore, by cutting the poster down, less physical space was used to advertise the concert amongst the other shows from other artists that were also being advertised at the same time. The band cancelled the show, but the concert was then rescheduled for July 23, 1975 and became 1 of the key shows Recorded for the KISS ALIVE Album. So if you want a complete poster it may be out there, but if you want the historic Box Office Window poster this is the only one; which just makes it cool as hell. As for condition, there is a repair on the left edge on the stem of the letter “K” taped from the backside and there’s a tear at the top on the letters “IL” in Phil — There is also 1 tack hole at each corner. Measures 15.5″ x 14″ — Overall VG/EX condition with a ton of 1970’s vibe.

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